LED Linear Light

Fluorescent Lighting Replacement for
Turboprops and Jets


300/B300/350 Series King Air LED Overhead Upgrade

Replaces Fluorescents  Lights 7300017-000, 7300018-000, 7300023-000

90/100/200/B200/250 Window LED Upgrades

Replaces Fluorescent light Part Number 6900080-000

LED Ice Light

Replaces Part A7079B24, MS25338-7079, and WA7079B24

1495 LED Reading Light

Replaces GE 1495, 1495X, 998502-13, MS25069-1495


1308/1309 LED Reading Light

Replaces GE 1308, GE 1309


303 LED Reading Light

Replaces GE 303, GE303X, MS15570-303


303R Right Angle LED Reading Light

Replaces GE 303 and MS15570-303

LED No Smoking/ Fasten Seat Belt Light

Replaces Teledyne Part #1202-300.


LED Wing Tip Light Assemblies

Replacement for King Airs and 1900


Falcon 900B LED Cabin Light Kit

Fluorescent Lighting Replacement for
Falcon 900B


LED Logo Light

direct replacement for the bulb that illuminates the vertical tail surface