PWI has the ability to produce several different wire wound products and build them to your specific inductive component needs. We are able to use wire sizes ranging from 4 gauge to 51 gauge. PWI can create any product you need. Let our skilled production team build your next coil wound project.

Product Capabilities Include: 

  • High Voltage Output Transformers
  • Switch Mode Transformers
  • Current Sense Transformers
  • EMI/RFI Filters
  • Torodial Power Inductors
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Magnetometer Coils
  • Air Coils
  • Solenoid Coils
  • Antenna Load Coils

Equipment Used:

  • Universal Toroid Winding Machines
  • Geo Stevens Bobbin Winding Machines
  • Specialized Labs Toroidal Pneumatic Winders
  • Jovil Winding Machine