303R Right Angle LED Replacement Light

303R replaces GE 303
303R directs light at a 90° angle303R offers more than 33,000 hours of life303R requires less power303R PMA approved303R in a 1900 Product PWI

303R Right Angle LED Replacement Light


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PWI Reading Lights may be the last reading lights your aircraft will need. The PWI Right Angle LED offers more than 33,000 hours of life and a very low power draw, making the 303R a more energy-efficient light compared to incandescent bulbs. The 303R also provides a right-angle design that directs light at a 90° angle from the socket base. The 303R LED is compatible in many places where directional lighting is useful, like cabins, cockpits, behind backlit signage, and even cargo compartments. PWI lights provide your aircraft with a warm and aesthetically pleasing alternative to incandescent bulbs.

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PN 7310046-000
Supplement Number #18

Ships with Certificate of Conformity. Form 8130 is provided for international orders.


  • 33,000 Hour LED Life
  • 90% Less Power Consumed
  • Direct Drop-In Replacement for Incandescent Bulbs
  • Improved Direct Lighting


  • Cooler Running Temperature +10F (about ambient temperature)
  • Internal Fuse Protection
  • 28 Vdc Nominal Input

FAA PMA Approved:

Utiliner: 401, 402
Citation: 550, S550

Airliner/Commuter: 99 series
King Air: 200 series
1900 series

Product Warranty
3 years from invoice date

Questions and Ordering
+1 316 942 2811

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Diameter 0.75″
Length 1.56″
Weight 11.1 Grams
Lamp Base BA15S
Input Voltage  9V to 28V
Watts 0.45
Service Life Hours (min.) 33,000
Amps 0.016
Shipping Domestic, International

Alternate P/N

  • GE303, GE303X, MS15570-303; 11-04172
  • GE: 303, 303X, 81641; 26127; WL-303, WL303;
  • W-L-00111; JKL303; Eiko 303-2; 40562, JF-303,
  • NSN 6240-00-155-7848, 303-2, C-2F, AML303;
  • SGP112720; 11-01948, 304714; Newark 88T4450;
  • 11-12679; AS: 11-11042, 11-12679; 56Z114D2;
  • 24006R1; PL303; 6026-1025-14; 8192084; 618017;
  • LTX303; AN3131-303; A-A-52463; 33153; 1540;
  • AN3131-303; 24006R1