LED Wingtip Light Assemblies

LED Wing Tip Light Assembly
The LED Wing Tip Light Assembly offers reduced weight and power consumption.The LED Wing Tip Light Assembly is five times brighter than bulbs.The LED Wing Tip Light Assembly allows pilots to see and be seen.The LED Wing Tip Light Assembly allows for the removal of high voltage power supplies.

LED Wingtip Light Assemblies


The LED Wingtip Light assemblies are brighter and longer-lasting alternatives to bulbs. The system installs quickly and easily as a direct plug-and-play replacement that also allows for the removal of high voltage power supplies. 

These assemblies are also less expensive over the life of the aircraft. Installing these assemblies will provide King Air 90, B200/250, 300, B300/350 and 1900 owners improved visibility to other aircraft during flight take-off and landings.

Not only do these assemblies provide extended life, but they also increase durability and reliability. The LED assemblies feature reduced weight and power consumption, compared to bulbs. Not only that, but they also reduce the chances of long-term lens deterioration due to heat.

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PN: 6900430 – 002 (Left Wing) – *350 Only
PN: 6900431 – 002 (Right Wing) –
*350 Only
PN: 6900445 – 001 (Left Wing) – 90, B200/250, 300 and the 1900
PN: 6900446 – 002 (Right Wing) – 90, B200/250, 300 and the 1900
STC: SA03902NY (Documentation Included)

Warranty: The LED Wing Tip Light Assembly has a 5-year warranty starting from the invoice date.


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • 100,000-hour service life
  • Fit, Form, and Function upgrade


  • Significantly Brighter than Bulbs
  • 70% Reduction in Power Consumption
  • Better Visibility During Taxing and Takeoff



C90:             Serials LJ-1063 thru LJ-1846
C90GT:        Serials LJ-1847 and After.
E90:             Serials LW200 and After
F90:             All Serial Numbers
B200*:         Serials BB-1133, BB-1141, BB-1145 and After
B200C*:      Serials BL-37 thru BL-72, BL-124, and After.
B200GT:     Serials BY-001 (w/o Winglets)
300:             Serials FA-001 and After
B300/350: All Serial Numbers
1900:          Serials UA-all, UB-all, UC-all

Lead times are subject to change based upon the availability of parts at the time of order.

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