Custom Engineering PWI

PWI Field Coils are hand-made to job specifications and are ideal to power a wide variety of motors. Our highly customized Field Coils are compatible with both DC motors and generators. PWI Field Coils can also be customized for a variety of weights, up to 20 Ibs.

PWI’s low resistance Field Coils are made of enameled copper wire that can be varnished or taped depending on function. The Field Coils are then finished inside a metal casing.

PWI can manufacture a variety of made to order Field Coils.

  • Shunt
  • Series
  • Compound Wound
  • Magnet
  • Brake 
  • Solenoid 
  • Stabilized Shunt

PWI has the experience and equipment to manufacture most any coil design. Our highly trained Field Coil professionals also have the expertise to provide complete Field Coil rewind and recondition. Whether by means of hand winding or by the use of our computer-controlled winding equipment, we can meet your exact Field Coil requirements.

No matter the size of the job, contact PWI for all your Field Coil needs. Click the button below to receive more information
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