LED King Air 300 Upgrade
PWI LED King Air 300 Upgrade features two color temperatures to choose from and up to 100K hour lifespan.

300/B300/350 series Overhead LED Upgrades


The PWI LED King Air 300/B300/350 upgrades will improve and refresh your aircraft interior lighting. The PWI LED upgrade fits directly into the same space as the previous lighting system to make installation quick and easy. Additionally, the King Air Retrofit features a 55% weight reduction, and increased life span, 35% reduction in operating current, and provides two color temperatures to meet different lighting preferences.

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Warranty: All LED products have a 3 year warranty starting from the invoice date.


King Air 300 LED Upgrade
SKU: KAR 300 Kit varies based on the number of lights in the aircraft

STC – SA01634WI
EASA – 10047156
ANAC – 2015S05-04


  • Increased lifespan
  • Easy installation causes no negative impact on aircraft Interior
  • Available in: warm white (mimics incandescent light) and cool white (appears brighter and whiter)
  • Uses the existing dimmer, On/Off switch
  • Eliminates high voltage
  • Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Lower battery drain means less worry about leaving the lights on
  • Replaces power supplies to save 12+ pounds

PWI is the OEM for cabin lighting for King Air model aircraft. We know King Air lighting.

Warranty: All LED products have a 3-year warranty starting from the invoice date.

All product sales are final.

STC and 8130 documentation provided with product

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LED King Air 300 Installation Video

LED King Air 300 Installation Video

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King Air Model

All 300 models


Domestic, International

Kit Number

6900336-036, 6900336-136, 6900336-042,6900336-142

Number of LEDs

36, 42