LED King Air 300 Upgrade
PWI LED King Air 300 Upgrade features two color temperatures to choose from and up to 100K hour lifespan.

LED King Air 300 Upgrade

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Warranty: All LED products have a 3 year warranty starting from the invoice date.

• FAA/STC – SA01634WI
• EASA STC – 10047156
• ANAC/STC – 2015505-04
• PMA #PQ4159CE

King Air 300 LED Upgrade

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  • Uses the Existing Dimmer and On/Off Switches
  • 55% (about 12.4lbs.) in Weight Savings
  • 40% Lower System Operating Temperatures
  • 35% Reduction in Operating Current
  • Available in: Warm White (4100K) and Cool White (5100K)


  • STC – SA01634WI
  • PMA - #PQ4159CE
  • EASA STC – 10047156
  • ANAC STC – 2015S05-04
  • No Impact on Aircraft Interior
  • Eliminates High Voltage
  • Lower EMI

Advantages of LED Lighting vs. Fluorescent Lighting

  • Accurate Color Temperate
  • Reduced Heat Output
  • No High Voltage
  • Increased Lifespan
  • Reduced Weight
  • Better Directional Lighting

Warranty: All LED products have a 3 year warranty starting from the invoice date.
All product sales are final.

Additional Information

Color Temperature

Warm 4100K, Cool 5100K

# of Lights in Plane

36 Light Kit, 42 Light Kit


Domestic, International


• Plug ‘n Play
• Low Operating Temperature
• STC Approved
• Extremely Long Life
• Low Junction Temperature Design
• Uses 33% to 50% of the power draw compared to fluorescent lights
• 12.4 lbs weight reduction (300 Series)
• Warranty against shock and vibrations