Aviation LEDs

What makes PWI aviation LED lighting products superior to other options?

PWI LED lights are backed by FAA PMA and STC Certifications. Additionally, we are an approved Part 145 Repair Station. Each product utilizes superior components to make our high-quality finished product.

PWI has a decades-long history of supplying OEM lights for Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, King Air, Sabreliner, and Learjet Jets. PWI remains the OEM for cabin lighting with Textron/Beechcraft. If you have a King Air, you already have PWI lights.


What are the benefits of upgrading to PWI LEDs?

  • PWI LEDs offer a 100,000-hour service life
  • Plug and play installation – right connectors
  • Passed rigorous FAA certification testing
  • LEDs are less expensive than incandescent bulbs, over the life of your aircraft
  • PWI LED’s are competitively priced


What are Lumens?

Lumen is used to measure the level of light brightness. The higher the level of lumens produced by a lamp, the brighter the light. Depending on the desired lighting situation, it may require a higher lumen output to create the desired lighting effect. Special Missions aircraft such as air-med transport are often fitted with brighter LEDs for patient safety reasons.


What is color temperature?

Color temperature is the color of light produced. White light is measured in Kelvin (K) and falls in a range between 1800K and 7000K. Where the light falls in the spectrum, determines if the white light produces more of a “warm white” or “cool white”. White light around 3000K produces a warmer tone, while color temperature around 6500K produces a cooler blue-ish tint. Color temperature choices allow aircraft owners to design the cabin experience they desire.

Can I purchase your aviation lights prior to FAA certification?

Yes, some of our pre-certified aviation products are available for purchase and installed using an FAA Form 337 – Field Approval. Typically an FAA inspection is required to verify “fit, form and function.”


Can I still get fluorescent lights or repairs?

Yes, you can. 

We build brand new fluorescent lights every day. We have 1800+ part numbers and create lights and power supplies for those jets we supplied as an OEM vendor:
King Air

PWI hand-made power supplies are also available for purchase. To purchase the correct part for your lighting system, refer to the part number listed on the unit. Each new unit comes with a factory warranty. PWI power supplies can be purchased new or you can choose one of our recently overhauled power supplies instead. PWI also offers fast-turn, factory warrantied refurbished units for a lower price.

Step 1

Contact Cynthia in our repair department at Cynthia@pwi-e.com or call 316-942-2811. Cynthia will need the model number of your power supply as well as a credit card to cover the cost of the replacement.

Step 2

Call before 3 p.m. CST, and PWI will ground ship a completely overhauled power supply for a fixed price. See the price list below for the cost of each power supply.

Step 3

PWI is offering a $200 refund on your non-functioning power supply. Ship your non-functioning unit to PWI within 30 days of your call to receive the refund. This is an optional service and is not required in order to receive an overhauled power supply.

Coil Windings

Can PWI build my specific coil winding?

PWI started building windings in 1963. It’s what built our business. We have experience building a broad range of winding products, usually used as a subassembly in a finished product. Call us at 316-942-2811 to discuss your winding project.

Project examples include:

  • High Voltage Output Transformers
  • Switch Mode Transformers
  • Current Sense Transformers
  • EMI/RFI Filters
  • Torodial Power Inductors
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Magnetometer Coils
  • Air Coils
  • Solenoid Coils
  • Antenna Load Coils



Can PWI build my custom magnetometer – even one of those hard-to-find flux gate magnetometers?

Yes, we build magnetometers using various wire gauges, core materials and winding techniques to customize magnetometers to suit your specific needs. Call us to explore your magnetometer options.

There are only a very few companies in the world that can create flux gate magnetometers, and PWI is one of them. The engineering possibilities offered by these mags are unique and create options in product design that cannot be found using other technologies.

Warranties and Repairs Questions


What is the warranty on my product?

All product warranties begin at the invoice date.
LED aviation lights – 3 years
Fluorescent lights, magnetometers, coils, windings – 1 year
Power supply repair – 6 months from the repair invoice
Power supply overhaul – 12 months from the repair invoice

Contract Engineering and Manufacturing


What does Contract Engineering mean to me?

Contract engineering is a comprehensive range of scalable, value-added electronic engineering services. PWI’s extensive contract engineering services meet the needs of a variety of customers. PWI will tailor our work to complete your project. 

Often this work is outlined in a Statement of Work (SOW) proposal that clearly spells out the details of any work to be performed, the desired features and the costs of the project.

PWI can provide as much engineering assistance to your product idea and requirements, as needed. Our services include anything from concept design development and prototyping, to in-house electronic testing and more. PWI can also help build the completed product designs by our contract manufacturing staff.


What is contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is an agreement between PWI and our customer where we produce components or products for our customers. We have customers that have completely engineered and tested prototypes, but need assistance in building quantity production. If you need help in building your products or components, PWI has the capabilities.

PWI has completed custom projects for a variety of industries outside of aviation. If we can assist you with any specific projects, just call or email. We’d be happy to discuss your project needs.

Purchasing Questions
How can I purchase PWI products?

While you can buy our products directly, we have PWI Authorized Distributors and Authorized Installation Centers partners, both in the United States and internationally. Our partners are listed on the “Where to Buy” tab at the top of our website.


What is PWI’s return policy?

All warranty returns must be approved by PWI in advance of shipment back to PWI.
Warranty claims will be reviewed via phone or email.
All customers must inspect all products upon receipt. Any product returned for defects upon arrival must be returned within 30 days of the invoice for any warranty consideration.
There are no returns for products, outside of warranty issues.