We’ve compiled some questions and their answers to hopefully solve any questions you might have.

Why should I upgrade to LEDs?


PWI’s LEDs can last over 100,000 hours – a significant improvement over incandescent and both hot and cold fluorescent bulbs. PWI’s LEDs are also unique in that they have a groundbreaking heat-eliminating technology that greatly reduces their operating temperature. They are also much more energy efficient, have little to no EMI, and have a lower current draw.


What does the KAR in KAR Kit mean?


KAR stands for King Air Retrofit. KAR Kits are PWI’s LED lighting upgrade systems that are specifically designed to replace the old flourescent lights in the King Air lines of aircraft. Learn more about which series can be upgraded here.


I have an idea for a product, but don’t know the technical side of it. Can you help?


Yes we can. PWI has a group of engineers to help with problems exactly like this, customized to your specifications.. We can take your idea from its initial concept to the final design. You can learn more on our Contract Engineering Page.


Can PWI build Prototypes?


Yes we can. We can take any design from initial idea, to prototype, to box build and manufacturing. We have a full team of engineers who can design your project and the accompanying software. We also have the capabily to create PC Boards and even full box builds. Learn more.


Can PWI make custom flourescent lights?


tiltlightYes we can! PWI has 1000s of premade patterns, and can do almost any design you have in mind. The PWI light here is just one example. You can learn more here.


I have a broken part, how do I get it fixed?


Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, PWI’s non-LED products have a one (1) year warranty from date of sale, and any repaired items have a six (6) month warranty from the date of repair. Any overhauled product shall have the same one (1) year warranty, starting from ship date of the overhaul. LED products have a three (3) year warranty from date of sale, and a six (6) month repair warranty from date of repair. They also have the one (1) year overhaul warranty, from ship date of overhauled product.

Address – PWI, Inc.

109 S Knight St,

Wichita, KS 67213


Send us the power supply

We will look it over and decide what actually needs to be done. It could just need a simple repair, or it could need a complete overhaul. Our experts will figure out what needs to be done.

We will contact you

PWI will give you its recommendation and, after you approve it, we’ll get to work.


What is your return policy


All returns must be approved by the seller. Any parts returned for warranty shall be evaluated and determined by the seller for warranty consideration. All customers must inspect all product upon receipt. Any product returned for defects upon arrival must be returned within 30 days for any warranty consideration.

Please send returns to:

PWI, Inc.

109 S Knight St,

Wichita, KS 67213


Can I buy your products anywhere else?


While you can buy our products directly, we have partners both in the United States and internationally through distributors and Authorized Installation Centers. Learn more about our partners on our Business Partners Page.



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