Leaders of PWI

Robi Lorik, President and CEO

Robi Lorik

As the President and CEO, Robi manages the overall operations and resources of PWI as well as ensuring the entire organization runs efficiently. A native of Wichita, Robi started at PWI as a production manager. He held several other positions before working his way up to his current leadership role. Robi’s favorite part of PWI is working with the staff, whom he thinks of as his family.



Chris Waggoner, PWI

Chris Waggoner

The Director of Operations position, covers a wide range of tasks at PWI. Chris works to ensure the entire production side runs smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. He also confirms that each department has the parts and resources needed to build PWI products, so customer orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner. Chris is a long-time employee who started at PWI back in 1987 as part of his high school’s cooperative program.

Rick Estes, PWI

Rick Estes

Rick is the Chief Technical Officer for PWI as well as head of the engineering department. Since starting with PWI in 2016, Rick has made a major impact on PWI’s engineering department by working as a driving force for innovation. Rick has spearheaded an expansion of PWI’s product base beyond the aerospace industry and into new technologies.


Eric Dahlinger, PWI

Eric Dahlinger

As Business Developer, Eric works with PWI’s international part dealers and distributors to meet and exceed customer demand. Eric has more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience in a wide variety of industries and companies. Eric most enjoys meeting and helping customers as well as working with the staff of PWI.



Jack Putnam, PWI

Jack Putnam

Jack Putnam started with PWI in 2017 as an engineering technician and programmer. After working in various engineering capacities, Jack was promoted to FAA Programming Manager. Jack works directly with the FAA to ensure PWI parts receive the certifications they require to be approved by the FAA. Jack is also DMIR certified by the FAA, which aids in getting PWI parts through the FAA approval process at a more rapid pace. Jack says he enjoys collaborating with the devoted team of engineering colleagues who work in the PWI engineering department.



Heather Dautrich, PWI


Heather Dautrich

If you’ve ever ordered a part from PWI, chances are good Heather Dautrich helped get it to your receiving department. As Supply Chain Manager, Heather is involved in every aspect of the inventory and shipping of PWI parts. Before coming to PWI, Heather accumulated a wide breadth of knowledge and experience working in supply chain as well as a general manager and a production planner. While the position of PWI’s Supply Chain Manager can often be hectic, Heather says she likes the fast pace and enjoys doing something different every day.


Anne McLaughlin, PWI

Anne McLaughlin




Mike LaPine, PWI

Mike LaPine

Mike LaPine has spent decades selling aviation parts, specializing in Beechcraft and Bombardier aircraft. As the Internal Sales Manager, Mike brings his vast knowledge of parts to PWI. Mike appreciates the family atmosphere of PWI and likes feeling like he’s working on a team. When not on the phone with a customer, Mike enjoys golf and watching sports on TV.