Leaders of PWI

Robi Lorik

The Chief Executive Officer for PWI. As the big man in charge, Robi’s role is to make the major decisions as well as manage the overall operations and resources of PWI.  He ensures the entire organization runs efficiently.  

Robi is a Wichita native who started with PWI at an early age mowing the lawn for his father who was the owner at the time.  While he attended Newman University he worked part time in the machine shop until graduating with his Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology. Upon graduating in 1985, Robi advanced to the Production Manager position.  After working hard as a Production Manager, Robi was promoted to President of PWI. Then in February of 2019, he became Chief Executive Officer and sole owner of PWI.  When asked what Robi’s favorite part of working for PWI is, he said the people he works with.  Everyone gets along well, works great together and continually pushes each other to achieve more. Robi treats everyone like their family.

Outside of PWI, you will find Robi exploring the great outdoors.  He loves kayaking, backpacking, fishing and building projects in his workshop at home.  So if you’re looking for Robi you will find him outdoors somewhere.



Chris Waggoner

The Director of Operations for PWI. When it comes to the production of PWI products, parts, machines, or getting customer orders out on time, Chris is the man. It is Chris’s duty to ensure the entire production side runs smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. He ensures that each department has the parts or resources needed to build PWI products, so customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.

 Chris is a Wichita native who first started with PWI as part of his high school’s Cooperative Program back in 1987. He started off working part-time as a Machinist, where he would modify a variety of aluminum parts and plastics. After graduating, Chris began working for PWI full time in the machine shop. Eventually, Chris’s hard work and dedication launched him into his current position as Director of Operations. When Chris was asked what his favorite part about working for PWI is, he said he really enjoys the family atmosphere. The entire company is like one big family where everyone supports one another and gets along.

In his free time, you can find Chris traveling into the backcountry (overlanding) or working with his hands to refine his woodworking skills.  If you’re wondering what overlanding is, it is a combination of camping and off-roading. So, pretty much extreme camping!

Rick Estes

The Chief Technical Officer for PWI. Rick is the go to person for any engineering project you need built or worked on. If you have an idea, Rick can bring that idea to life and make the project a reality for you. Rick makes sure the engineering department is running efficiently and each project is getting done in a timely fashion. 

Rick is an Oklahoma City native that moved to Wichita, Kansas over 30 years ago.  He graduated from Kansas State University and has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering.  Rick has definitely utilized his degree in engineering and has made a major impact in PWI’s engineering department since he started with the company in 2016. What Rick loves most about working for PWI is that the company continues to grow and has been successful for many years.  Rick has been a big part of creating PWI’s new products as well as helping the company become more innovative. Others might say think outside the box but for Rick, he feels there is no box. 

When Rick is not burning the midnight oil working for PWI, you will see him on the track racing cars. 


Eric Dahlinger

The Outside Sales Manager for PWI.  When it comes to PWI sales, Eric is the guy that makes it happen.  Eric travels to many cities attending trade shows, meeting with potential and existing customers to promote our products, and informing people about the benefits of PWI LED lights. Eric has a very energetic personality with a great sense of humor.  He is definitely great at helping PWI accomplish sales goals.

Eric is a Tampa native that moved to Wichita, Kansas when he was 8 years old and he’s been here ever since! Eric started working for PWI in October of 2018. Prior to working for PWI, he worked 14 years for a local software company in sales, marketing and customer support. Eric graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and received his Masters Degree in Advertising from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.  When Eric was asked what his favorite part about working for PWI is he said working with his co-workers. At PWI we are family and everyone gets along great. There’s never a dull moment in the office.

When Eric is not selling parts or products, you might catch him riding around town on his motorcycle or watching his kids play sports.