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PWI LED Logo Light



Beech King Air and 1900 owners/operators will enjoy this PWI LED external lighting option for the Logo Light bulb.

The PWI LED Logo Light is a direct replacement for the bulb that illuminates the vertical tail surface. Often a company name, logo, or other organization identity is visible there.

With twice the light output as a bulb, this very long life and bright LED delivers the aircraft illumination customers expect.

The LED Logo Light also provides additional visibility of the side of the aircraft. Usually only a tail beacon and part of a wingtip are visible from the side, and the LED Logo Light significantly adds to the aircraft visibility, especially on the ground.

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PN: 7310050-000
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  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • 100,000 Hour, Very Long Life LED
  • High Light Output
  • Low Power Draw
  • Accurate Color Presentation

Aircraft Compatibility
King Air 90 series, 200 series, B200/250, 300, B300/350;
1900 series


Product Warranty
3 years from invoice date

Questions and Ordering
+1 316 942 2811

All product sales are final.

Additional Information


11.2 Watts
1500 Lumens


75 Watts
1100 Lumens