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Get support for your PWI product here. Our staff has ready advice and provide warranty claims as well as technical support.


Judy Baldwin


p 316.942.2811 Ext.303
c 316.259.8173

Robi Lorik


p 316.942.2811 Ext.301
c 316.259.8175

Robert Baldwin

VP of Operations

p 316.942.2811 Ext.302
c 316.259.8172

Shelley Fulghum

Sales and Purchasing

p 316.942.2811 Ext.305

Cynthia Tracy


p 316.942.2811 Ext.304

Rick Estes

Engineering Manager

p 316.942.2811 Ext.308
c 316.655.1894

Chris Waggoner

Production Supervisor

p 316.942.2811 Ext.309

Brett Riggins

Sales Representative

c. 316.259.8175

CR Riggins

Sales Representative

c. 316.214.8179

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