King Air 90, 100, 200, B200/250 Cabin Window LED Upgrades

Upgrade fluorescent lights to PWI LEDs for 100,000 hour service life and low power draw in your King Air 90, 100 and 200.
PWI’s 90/100/200/B200/250 LED Window Upgrade are long lasting and more cost-efficient.90/100/200/B200/250 LED Window Upgrade is worry-free, so leave the lights on.The PWI 90/100/200/B200/250 LED Window Upgrade kit.The PWI 90/100/200/B200/250 LED Window Upgrade installed.The PWI 90/100/200/B200/250 LED Window Upgrade will refresh your cabin interior.

King Air 90, 100, 200, B200/250 Cabin Window LED Upgrades


Fluorescent Lighting Replacement


PWI’s King Air LED cabin lighting upgrades for the 90, 100, 200 and the B200/250 series offer the long life and low power draw that are in demand by King Air owners/operators.

LEDs fit directly above the cabin windows, replacing the original PWI fluorescent bulbs, and use the same electrical connectors. PWI King Air LED cabin light kits dim using standard cockpit dimming controls.

PWI has earned approvals from FAA, EASA, ANAC and AFAC, so you know they can be trusted in your King Air.

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  • STC – SA01748WI (Documentation Included)
  • PMA – #PQ4159CE  Supplement – #15
  • EASA – 10051015
  • AFAC – IA-912/2023
  • ANAC – 2022S01-08 (C90, C90A, E90, F90, 100, A100, B100, 200, 200T, B200, B200T, B200GT, B200CGT, 250 only)*

LED kit part numbers:
6910080-007 for King Air 90
6910080-008 for King Air 100
6910080-009 for King Air 200
6910080-010 for King Air 200
6910080-011 for King Air 200
6900422-009 for King Air B200/250
6900422-010 for King Air B200/250
6900422-011 for King Air B200/250

Ships with Certificate of Conformity. Form 8130 is provided for international orders.



  • 100,000 hours operational life
  • 50% less power draw
  • Uses existing aircraft wire harness and cockpit On/Off/Dim switch
  • Reduced EMI emission
  • No soldering needed
  • Eliminates buzz and flicker of fluorescents
  • Warm white 4100K color temperature
  • STC, and EASA documentation provided with product.


PWI is the OEM for most King Air interior lighting and is the designated OEM for fluorescent lighting for business jets. We know King Air lighting.

Orders require
FAA STC Data Form

Product Warranty
3 years from invoice date

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+1 316 942 2811

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Additional Information

King Air Model

C90, C90A, E90, F90, 100, A100, B100, 200, 200C, 200T, 200CT, B200, B200T, B200GT, B200CT, B200CGT, B200C


Domestic, International

Kit Number

6910080-007, 6910080-008, 6910080-009, 6910080-010, 6910080-011, 6900422-011, 6900422-010, 6900422-009

Lighted Windows

11, 10, 9, 8, 7