LED Ice Light

LED Ice Light and wing inspection light
Replaces A7079B24 bulb - LED Ice Light PWIPMA approved for King Air, Baron, Caravan, Citation, conquest, hawker - LED Ice Light PWIDrop in replacement - PWI LED Ice LightPWI LED Ice Light delivers 100,000 Hour service lifeLED Ice Light Model Threaded PWI v02 01LED Ice Light Model Threaded PWI v04 01LED Ice Light Model Threaded PWI v01 01LED Ice Light Model Threaded PWI v03 01

LED Ice Light


Replaces Part A7079B24, MS25338-7079, and WA7079B24


The PWI LED Ice Light features many improvements over incandescent bulbs A7079B24, MS25338-7079, and WA7079B24. Compared to other replacement LED ice lights, the PWI LED Ice Light provides 210 more lumens which aids in the visibility of ice formation.

The PWI LED Ice Light is available in the standard bulb bayonet mount and a threaded mount. The threaded mount eliminates a corroded bulb socket entirely. Simply remove the bulb socket and thread the Ice Light directly into the light housing.

The PWI LED Ice Light also provides 100,000 hours of life compared to only 165 hours of life available with incandescent bulbs. Other enhancements include a significant reduction in power draw, as well as eliminating the radiant heat that comes with factory-installed bulbs. Less heat means less lens discoloration, cracking, and warping over the life of the light

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PN: 7310009-000 – Bayonet Mount
Supplement Number #19, #26

PN: 7310045-000 – Threaded Mount
Supplement Number #24

Ships with Certificate of Conformity. Form 8130 is provided for international orders.

Warranty: All LED products have a 3-year warranty starting from the invoice date.

PWI LED vs Incandescent bulb


  • 100,000-Hour Life Span
  • Better Visibility During Taxing and Takeoff
  • Very low Power Requirements
  • Significant Reduction in Heat Eliminating Lens Degradation
  • Direct Drop-In Replacement for Incandescent Bulb


  • 730 Lumens
  • Draws 200 mA at 28 volts DC
  • Beam angle FWHM 8
  • Temperature range: -55C to + 70C
  • Bayonet Mount
  • Vibration Resistant


Conquest II: 441
Caravan: 208/208B
Citation: 525 Series, 560, 560XL, 650 Series, 680, 750
Citation: 550 Bravo

Baron: 55, 58
Hawker/Beechjet: 400, 400A
King Air: 90, 100, 200, B200, 300, B300
Airliner/Commuter: 99 series

Product Warranty
3 years from invoice date

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