Tape Wound Bobbins cores PWI

Tape-Wound Bobbin

PWI offers a specialized product line of tape-wound bobbin cores designed to meet your needs. Our tape-wound cores are unique in their core memory due to magnetic or non-magnetic characteristics and switching speeds. We are able to achieve these characteristics during our manufacturing process. Tape-wound bobbin cores can be used in special low frequency transformer and inductor designs, magnetometers, and current-sensing transformers.

PWI builds custom cores to your specifications. We offer cores with a variety of customizable options such as core dimensions, material alloys and alloy thickness to choose from.

Bobbin Core Dimensions

  • Diameters: 0.05” to 1.5”
  • Width: 0.036” to 0.265”

Material Alloys

  • 79-4 Nickel
  • Oriented 50-50 Nickel-Iron
  • HYMU
  • HYMU 80
  • HYMU 800
  • HYDRA 80

Alloy Thickness

  • 0.125 mil
  • 0.250 mil
  • 0.500 mil
  • 1.000 mil