PWI LED Entry Door Underwing Light

PWI Entry Door.Underwing LED v01
Step LED LightPWI LED Entry Door Underwing Light - Photo Thanks to Air King AviationPWI LED Entry Door Underwing Light - Photo Thanks to Air King AviationCabin Entry Door Light LED for King Air 200 series, B200, 250, 300, B300, 350King Air Cabin Door Light from PWI offers 100,000 service lifeKing Air charter and cargo operators need the brighter but lower power draw PWI LEDLow power draw King Air Cabin Entry Door LED allows passengers to board and disembark safely.King Air Cabin Entry Door LED light mounts under the wing and makes aircraft entry and exit safe.PWI LED Cabin Entry Door light replaces A4174-24, MS24513-4174 AND M6363/3-1 bulbs

PWI LED Entry Door Underwing Light



The PWI Entry Door LED brings long life and serious illumination to all who enter and exit the King Air. Welcome passengers with the lighting they need to enter the aircraft. Mounted under the wing of King Air, this LED illuminates the ground below the open cabin door. 

This LED also eases loading cargo and is ideal for special mission operations. Because it is an LED, you leave it On when loading and unloading the cabin without draining the battery.

Flight crew and passengers will appreciate a well-lit ingress and egress to the aircraft. Everyone appreciates the attention to detail that adequate lighting produces.

It’s the first thing they will see when boarding and the last thing when exiting. PWI’s Entry Door LED sets the initial tone for the flight and then reinforces the positive flight experience when disembarking.

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PN: 7310009-001
PMA – #PQ4159CE
PMA Supplement – #22

Ships with Certificate of Conformity. Form 8130 is provided for international orders.



  • Plug-and-Play Bulb Replacement
  • 100,000 Hour, Very Long Life LED
  • High Light Output
  • Low Power Draw


Aircraft Compatibility
King Air 200 series, B200/250, 300, B300/350


Product Warranty
3 years from invoice date

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