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King Air Ice Light Windows


Replace brittle, yellow, and cracked ice light windows by installing PWI’s new Ice Light Window! The PWI Ice Light Window is designed for a variety of Beechcraft King Air aircraft. The PWI Ice Light Window is comprised of a lightweight, durable plexiglass material and improves the detection of ice on the aircraft as well as enhances overall visibility and safety. The PWI Ice Light Window ensures you are seen by others while improving your range of view around the aircraft.  No modifications are required, and installation is quick and easy.

Improve your ice light window life and decrease the need for more replacement windows by pairing it with PWI’s LED Ice Light. Combining the two eliminates deteriorating and warping over time as well as saving money over the life of the aircraft. The PWI Ice Light Window is also available at a lower cost compared to other windows currently on the market.

The PWI Ice Light Window part number is 4000041-000 replaces existing window part number 101-360190-0001.

Don’t compromise safety in icy situations. The choice is clear with the PWI Ice Light and Ice Light Window.

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PN: 4000041 – 000 Notched Window
PN: 4000041 – 001 Square Window

Supplement #20

Warranty: The PWI Ice Light Window has a 1-year warranty starting from the invoice date.


  • Improved Ice Detection
  • Better Visibility During Taxing, Take-Off, and Landing
  • Longer Lasting, When Paired with PWI LED Ice Light


  • Lightweight
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Durable
  • Plexiglas Material

Aircraft Compatibility:
King Air: B200, B200T, B200C, B200CT, B200GT, B200CGT, B300, B300C

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2.11 Inches


2.11 Inches


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