PWI manufactures LED King Air Retrofit kits to upgrade your inefficient Hot and Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps. Our LED upgrades are more durable than traditional fluorescent lights used in aircraft and are less likely to break because they are solid-state lights. They can handle the aircraft vibrations and shock environment better. Fluorescent lights run the risk of breaking the filament inside or breaking the glass. Additionally, our LED products are more efficient due to their reduced power consumption. LEDs save energy by not producing radiant heat and in turn operate at a cooler temperature.


Upgrade Your King Air With LED Lights

PWI’s LED King Air Retrofit (KAR) Kits for the King Air 90s, 100s, and 200s are the product of PWI innovation and technology. These characteristics are combined to create a product with reduced weight and current draw, as well as increased life span and reliability of the lighting system. The LED retrofit system is equivalent in “fit, form, and function” to the present fluorescent system. Our retrofit maintains the same desirable lighting characteristics while providing the benefits of LEDs. The KAR Kit utilizes our “Plug n’ Play” connection system making installation easy.

Advantages of the LED Upgrade System

  • Direct “fit, form, and function” Replacement for current fluorescent lighting fixtures. (6900042-000) & (6900080-000)
  • Uses existing aircraft wire harness and dimming on/off switches
  • 46% weight reduction per fixture
  • 30% reduction in operating current
  • 40% lower system operating temperatures
  • Utilizes “Plug n’ play” connectors
  • Available in: Warm white (4100K)
  • Reduced EMI emission
  • STC – SA01748WI
  • PMA Approved #PQ4159CE
  • EASA STC – 10051015




Upgrade Your King Air With LED Lights

Our LED lighting upgrade is a product of state-of-the-art technology and hands-on engineering. The LED King Air Retrofit (KAR) Kit has lighting characteristics equivalent to the cold cathode fluorescent lights, is dimensionally the same size as the current King Air light, and has a longer operating life. The KAR Kit is also easy to install and use with our “Plug n’ Play” connection system. Our LED upgrade is a direct replacement for the CCFL power supply and lamps to make the installation process easy.



King Air 300 Kit Installation Video


Advantages of the LED Upgrade System

  • No impact on aircraft interior
  • Uses the existing Dimmer and On/Offer system
  • 55% (about 12.4lbs.) in weight savings
  • 40% lower system operating temperatures
  • 35% reduction in operating current
  • Available in: Warm white (4100K) and Cool white (5100K)
  • Eliminates the high voltage that was required for the CCFL lamps
  • Lower EMI
  • STC – SA01634WI
  • PMA Approved #PQ4159CE
  • EASA STC – 10047156
  • ANAC STC – 2015S05-04





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