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LED Linear Light

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Combining both rigid and flexible lighting segments, LED Linear Light is ideal in those cabin runs of overhead lights.

Where the cabin requires lighting in long and straight paths, the rigid light segments fill in perfectly. If the cabin has curves, bulkheads or other challenges to illuminate, the flexible light segments perform there. In one system.

PWI builds an LED lighting system for each specific aircraft. Each lighting solution is customized for all light segments – from main overhead lights to the galley, cargo area, and lavatory. A fully complete system, built for all cabin areas, delivered with the correct wiring connections for your aircraft.

No soldering iron or re-engineering are required to make the LED Linear Light work. Installation is a matter of removing the fluorescent lights and hardware and placing PWI LED light segments where you want them. Specialized high-performance padded tape affixes the lights to the aircraft for a rattle-free install. While PWI LEDs are immune to vibration, the difference for the installer and aircraft owner is remarkable. Less maintenance, no flicker, fewer parts, no EMI/RFI hum or interference and a service hour life like nothing else.

LED Linear Light works with the factory lighting cockpit controls, or with any third party cabin management system (CMS). Many customers choose to upgrade to a CMS when rethinking cabin lighting. This upgrade makes that transition easy.

You have other lighting options as well. LED light elements can direct light in one of three directions. You can create the exact cabin environment you want – up wash, downwash, simple and straightforward direct light. Since the system is custom to the aircraft, regardless of any previous cabin upgrades and updates, your measurements enable PWI to craft the lights to fit.

When old fluorescent lights or short-life incandescent light bulbs no longer complement a several million dollar aircraft, look to the PWI Linear Light. Call or email ( us today to discuss how to replace or completely redesign the lighting in your turboprop or jet. Finally, the creative freedom to offer aircraft owners exactly what they want is available from PWI.

For a complete lighting upgrade, check out PWI LED Reading Lights. Save weight, cooler operation, lower power draw, four levels of circuit protection, lower long-term cost and a more modern look are just a few of the benefits that PWI LED lighting offer you.

PN: 7310020-000

LED Linear Light


  • Color Temperature Constant throughout Dimming Range
  • Offers any LED Color Temperature
  • Circuit Protection:
       Over-Current Protection
       Over-Voltage Protection
       Thermal Shut Down Protection
       LED Short Circuit Protection
  • 1,000 Lumens Per Foot
  • Warranty: All LED products have a 3 year warranty starting from the invoice date.
    All product sales are final.