LED Replacement Reading Lights

Replace those inefficient 303, 1308, 1495, and 1683 incandescent reading bulbs with a PWI LED, which will last far longer, use less energy, and won’t put off the heat that an incandescent bulb would.

PMA Approved on 303 and its alternatives: 303X and MS 15570-303

PMA # – PQ4159CE

  • Less power consumption
  • Save money
  • Far more reliable
  • Cooler running than any other LED bulb at +10F (about ambient temperature.) PWI’s lights are cool to the touch, meaning no more blistered finger tips from accidentally touching the bulb lense.
  • Direct drop-in replacement for incandescent bulbs used for reading purpose in aircraft
  • Internal fuse protection
  • Manufactured with proprietary constant-current circuit design
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • >100,000 hours LED life
  • Most advanced LED components available
  • 28 VDC nominal input
  • High speed transition protection circuit

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