Custom Cabin LEDs For ALL 28V and 120VAC 400Hz Aircraft

PWI creates completely custom cabin LEDs for your aircraft. We’re talking about the lav, galley, cargo, and seating areas – anywhere inside. (No external flashing beacons, sorry).

PWI has created aviation lighting for the last 51 years. There are few companies that can even come close to that.

Fixed wing, rotary wing, special missionsANY 28VDC or 120VAC 400Hz aircraft.

PWI LEDs offer 100,000 service hours and a whole Falcon cabin of upwash/downwash lights draws less power than a single incandescent reading light bulb. It’s 2023, so get those LEDs you’ve always wanted in your aircraft cabin – regardless of when it rolled off the production line at the factory.

These LED systems are completely custom, so you can add light anywhere you want. Dark cargo area? Dim lav? Need more light around the table or sofa? Want to add extra dimmer controls? PWI can do all of that with custom LEDs!

Finish your cabin lighting makeover with our LED Reading Lights.

Piston, turboprop, or jet, we make white or RGBW full-color LEDs just for your aircraft.

PWI LEDs solve these fluorescent light problems:

  • Ongoing maintenance of lights and power inverters
  • Hum, buzzing
  • Flicker
  • Slow, cold weather starts
  • High voltage and EMI/RFI interference


PWI LEDs dim using the original aircraft lighting controls and with 3rd party cabin management systems.

Join the hundreds of other PWI customers who thought they could not get LEDs.

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