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LED Ice Light

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PWI’s LED Ice Light is a wonder of modern engineering and technology. It features a significant reduction in current draw (operating at 28 Vdc), a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, as well as offering a 1000-lumens output that has a reduced heat output to eliminate any lens warping. The Ice Light has a CRI of 90-93, exclusively designed to provide enhanced contrast for improved ice visualization. The Ice Light is designed to be much more efficient, reducing both the electrical load from the engines and the heat output of the light itself.

PN: 7310009-000


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• 50,000 Hour Life Span
• Vibration Resistant
• Nominal 28 Vdc
• 250 mA at 28Vdc
• Beam Angle 90 degrees by 90 degrees
• 2 High Intensity LEDs
• Heat Sink Material: Black Anodized
• Mounting: BAY15S socket
• MTBF: >30,000 Hours
• Temperature Range: -55C to + 70C
• Reduced Electrical Load by Factor of 4
• Heat Reduced by Magnitude of 4
• 1000 Lumen Output
• CRI 90-93
• Significant Reduction in Power Requirements
• Significant Reduction in Heat to Eliminate Lens Warping
• Optimized Application for Vastly Improved Icing Recognition

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