PWI Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Through Hole Technology
  • Hybrids (Designs utilizing both SMT and Through Hole components)
  • PC Board Prototyping
  • ESD Compliant
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Encapsulation and Coating Capabilities
  • Wire Harness Assemblies
  • Computer Automated Testing
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Full Box Builds

PWI Specialized Equipment:

  • JUKI KE- 2020 Pick and Place Machine
  • Heller 1500S IR Convection Reflow Oven
  • ELECTROVERT Minipak 300 Wavesoldering System
  • Kendal Ultrasonic PC Board Cleaning System
  • KOMAX 33 Automated Wire Stripper/ Cutter
  • AMP K-Press Wire Terminating Machine


PWI can take your project from concept to finished product.


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