PWI’s LEDs added to the Textron Aviation Aftermarket Product Catalog

PWI’s LEDs added to the Textron Aviation Aftermarket Product Catalog

February 21, 2017 Wichita, KS: PWI and Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, have signed an agreement to include PWI’s LED product lines in Textron Aviation’s new Aftermarket Product Catalog. The product lines include PWI’s drop-in LED reading lights and Beechcraft King Air Retrofit (KAR) Kits, which are LED upgrade kits for a King Air’s cabin lighting. Textron Aviation’s Aftermarket Product Catalog is available to all King Air MROs and owners.

PWI’s King Air Retrofit (KAR) Kits are available in two models: the KAR 200, which can be applied to King Air 90, 100, and 200 series, and the KAR 300, which can go on the 300, B300, and B300C series. The KAR 200, which is a replacement for the lighting over the cabin windows, and the KAR 300, which replaces the centerline overhead lights, offer many advantages over fluorescent lighting, such as reducing weight by about half, 40% lower system operating temperature, a life span of over 100,000 hours, and acts as a direct fit, form, and function replacement for the current lighting system.

PWI’s LED drop-in reading lights come in four models currently: the 303X, which has PMA; the 1495 and 1308, which are completed products awaiting PMA approval; and the 1683, which is nearing the end of its prototype phase. They offer significant advantages over the existing lights, namely that the LED lights feature PWI’s exclusive heat-eliminating technology that makes the LED lights cool to the touch, have a very long operating life, and no EMI.

This will allow King Air owners worldwide to upgrade their aircraft with PWI- lighting systems,” says Robi Lorik, President of PWI.

PWI and Textron Aviation will be co-hosting a webinar to further explain the products to potential customers, with a Q&A to follow. The webinar’s date is still to be announced.

PWI and Textron Aviation have enjoyed a long relationship, which is further strengthened with the addition of PWI to the company’s Catalog.

PWI will be attending the upcoming AEA convention in New Orleans on March 14-16, 2017, at Booth 621, or at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas on October 10-12, 2017. For more information, please feel free to contact PWI at 316-942-2811 or contact the President, Robi Lorik, at You can also visit our website at

Australian Avionincs becomes Stocking Distributor for PWI’s Aircraft Interior LED Lighting

Australian Avionincs becomes Stocking Distributor for PWI’s Aircraft Interior LED Lighting

aapwiPWI and Australian Avionics, one of the premier distributors in all of Australia, have partnered up to bring PWI’s LED lighting products to the Australian market. PWI will be providing them with LED reading lights and LED upgrade kits for King Air aircraft. PWI’s KAR Kits provide a “Plug ‘n Play” style installation, removing the need to rewire anything or rebuild any connectors and our drop-in LED reading lights employ groundbreaking new technology that almost eliminates any excess heat production and.robishake

“Hawker Pacific Avionics is extremely excited to support PWI as their Distributor in the Australasian region, the LED kits are a great new product line for the King Air retrofit market,” said Jeff Gribble of Australian Avionics.

Robi Lorik, President of PWI, had this to say “Australian Avionics is providing us with an excellent opportunity to break into the Australian aircraft lighting market. Together, we aim to establish PWI as a household name in the Australian aviation community.”

PWI’s drop-in LED reading lights are quite the improvement from incandescent bulbs, offering a very low operating temperature and greater illumination. The reading lights were also recently featured in a King Air Nation article at The KAR Kits will fit in a wide variety of King Airs, with KAR 200 working with any 90, 100, and 200 series King Air, and the KAR 300 working with any from the 300, B300, and B300C series.

PWI increases R&D and Resources devoted to Magnetometer Breakthroughs

chris-and-magnetometerNovember 28, 2016 Wichita, KS: PWI has recently directed its engineering department
to create a 5-year product development road map that will define our future product specifications. The road map will include a marketing strategy, a budgeting process, and an ROI time frame. As a result, PWI will be able to prioritize their efforts and quantify product development and sales cycles. Within 24 months, they expect to significantly increase their revenue line and recoup any R&D expenditures. PWI currently manufactures and sells Flux Gate Magnetometers only to OEM customers, however, they intend to soon expand sales into other markets.
Magnetometers are a very complex technology, even at the basic level, but, in short, a magnetometer detects anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field. Of such magnetometers, PWI’s are some of the most sensitive in the world. This can be done at great distances and without physical contact. Flux Gate Magnetometers, which PWI
sells, are fabricated from very exotic metallic alloys using high-temp, hydrogen-filled ovens. They must be integrated into very unique electronic circuits that detect the magnetic fluctuations, and then present the data to the user in a manner that is meaningful to the application.
Magnetometers are useful in a wide variety of applications: they were originally designed during WWII for locating submarines and, while they are still used in that capacity, they have also found uses in interplanetary space vehicles, cell phones, border patrol breaches, security systems for airports, and explosive detection. These are but a few of the many possible applications for magnetometers in today’s world.
When it became clear that the versatility of the magnetometers that PWI markets is much greater than previously thought, Judy Baldwin, PWI’s CEO said, “We will be the coolest kids on the magnetometer block! Who knew a small manufacturing company in Wichita, Kansas could affect the world’s security?”.


Original Story

Have you ever thought about how the interior cabin lighting came about in the Beechcraft King Air, how it has changed and where it will be going?

King Air LED Lighting

PWI Inc., based in Wichita, Kansas, developed the first 28VDC (volts direct current) Fluorescent Lighting System for the Beech Aircraft Corporation back in 1970. This system was first used on the King Air C90 and eventually incorporated into the King Air 100’s and 200’s.

As for the details, PWI was the first to develop a 28volt inverter to convert the standard on board 28 VDC in the aircraft to a high voltage AC output to drive standard GE 5108 fluorescent bulbs. Throughout the past 33 years, PWI has made several design modifications to accommodate aircraft updates and new configurations, but the basic technology has remained the same. This fluorescent system is still in use today on these models of King Airs.

In 1983, when Beech Aircraft began the development of the “Super King Air” (which eventually became the Model 300), PWI used this core technology to design a new system of florescent light that utilized Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFL). This system still operated on the aircraft 28VDC line but the inverter was ungraded to illuminate CCFL lights. The CCFL lights were more robust and had a much longer life span. The other significant feature of the CCFL’s is they can be custom shaped to fit any contour or configuration.

With the onset of white LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology in the mid 1990’s, general aviation has been moving away from fluorescent lighting to LEDs. PWI began getting requests from King Air owners for LED replacements for their existing Fluorescent lights with LEDs.

King Air LightingIn 2009, PWI began developing a LED retrofit for the King Air 300 series aircraft and received a STC in July of 2011. PWI is currently working on a STC for the King Air C90’s, 100’s and 200’s. This STC should be approved by the FAA in the first quarter of 2014.

There are significant advantages to these new LED upgrades. They are “plug and play” retrofits, which utilize the existing connector, wire harness and mounting configurations on the aircraft. They also provide significant improvements in operating life. The LED’s also operate at a lower current and temperature. They also reduce the system weight by as much as 45% over the fluorescent system. This translates to over 12lbs savings on a King Air B300. Another big advantage is reduction in EMI emissions, which is important with all the advance in cabin managements systems and avionics.

Now you’re schooled on King Air Lighting 101. From our standpoint, we will continue to evolve with new technology and advancements. Contact us with any questions or interests on the King Air series LED lighting retrofits.

Beechcraft King Air
PWI Introduces Ground-Breaking New LEDs

PWI Introduces Ground-Breaking New LEDs

PWI is Revolutionizing LED Lighting with Cool-Running LEDs

four-lightsOctober 4th 2016 Wichita, KS: PWI is adding to its line of lighting products with a new set of easily replaceable LED reading light upgrades. PWI reading lights run much cooler to the touch than any incandescent or other LED light and there are four models in current production, with more on the way.
We currently have these four lights in our reading light line: the 303 replacement light, which is already finished and PMA certified; the 1308 and 1495, which are completed and are merely awaiting their PMA certification; and the 1683, which is in the final process before applying for certification. After all the current lights have been approved and finalized, PWI will begin adding more models to its lineup. We will provide more information on these, and future, lights as it becomes available.
PWI has a standard of excellence that is demonstrated by our drop-in LEDs, which are over-designed to be cooler to the touch, more efficient than any other light on the market, and last in excess of 100,000 hours. PWI exemplifies this philosophy in our KAR Kits, replacement LED systems for King Air interior lighting, shown here
Robi Lorik, President of PWI, says

“Our LEDs are unique in the world and are a completely in-house product, from design to production. We did an outstanding job and will have more models coming out as soon as possible.”

If you desire more information about our products, or wish to place an order, please go to, or you can contact Robi Lorik by phone at 316.942.2811 or by email at Please be sure to visit with us at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Florida on November 1st through the 4th, at booth #1089.

Increase your Margins

Increase your Margins

PWI’s KAR KIT(King Air Retrofit Kit) is an LED retrofit system- a cabin lighting replacement package uniquely designed to make replacing your customer’s CCFL’s easy and with minimal headache or expense.

When your customer has their King Air in your shop for maintenance, it only takes a little extra time to upgrade their system with PWI’s KAR Kit. All of the benefits will save your customer money, and you’ll add profit from the sale of the new LED’s. It’s a win for both you and your customer. Created in our color rendering lab to best serve our customers’ needs, we offer both a warm white or cool white LED KAR Kit system for any King Air series.


  • Use Less Energy
  • Produce Less Heat
  • Last Longer
  • Provide Significant Weight Reduction

KAR Kits for both the 300 series and 200/100/90 series are available so you don’t have to worry if your plane can be upgraded- it can. The Kits are structured to provide the proper number of lights to match the model of King Air to be retrofitted, taking out all the guesswork. Each Kit comes with the necessary components for powering and installing the lights. With the PWI hassle-free “Plug ‘n Play” design, the installation will be clean and simple.

The typical KAR Kit reduces overall weight of the lighting system by more than 50%. This new LED technology can provide up to 35% reduction in operating current, lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), and lower operating temperature range.
With LEDs, the operating life will be greatly extended beyond what can be expected with fluorescent or incandescent lights.

Our KAR Kits have STC and PMA approvals, and are ready for immediate installation! For Brazilian King Air 300 owners, the Kar300 Kit is ANAC approved as well.

Each KAR Kit comes with three-year warranty.