aapwiPWI and Australian Avionics, one of the premier distributors in all of Australia, have partnered up to bring PWI’s LED lighting products to the Australian market. PWI will be providing them with LED reading lights and LED upgrade kits for King Air aircraft. PWI’s KAR Kits provide a “Plug ‘n Play” style installation, removing the need to rewire anything or rebuild any connectors and our drop-in LED reading lights employ groundbreaking new technology that almost eliminates any excess heat production and.robishake

“Hawker Pacific Avionics is extremely excited to support PWI as their Distributor in the Australasian region, the LED kits are a great new product line for the King Air retrofit market,” said Jeff Gribble of Australian Avionics.

Robi Lorik, President of PWI, had this to say “Australian Avionics is providing us with an excellent opportunity to break into the Australian aircraft lighting market. Together, we aim to establish PWI as a household name in the Australian aviation community.”

PWI’s drop-in LED reading lights are quite the improvement from incandescent bulbs, offering a very low operating temperature and greater illumination. The reading lights were also recently featured in a King Air Nation article at http://kingairnation.com/pwi-releases-new-king-air-focused-led-lighting-with-cool-running-leds. The KAR Kits will fit in a wide variety of King Airs, with KAR 200 working with any 90, 100, and 200 series King Air, and the KAR 300 working with any from the 300, B300, and B300C series.