PWI is Revolutionizing LED Lighting with Cool-Running LEDs

four-lightsOctober 4th 2016 Wichita, KS: PWI is adding to its line of lighting products with a new set of easily replaceable LED reading light upgrades. PWI reading lights run much cooler to the touch than any incandescent or other LED light and there are four models in current production, with more on the way.
We currently have these four lights in our reading light line: the 303 replacement light, which is already finished and PMA certified; the 1308 and 1495, which are completed and are merely awaiting their PMA certification; and the 1683, which is in the final process before applying for certification. After all the current lights have been approved and finalized, PWI will begin adding more models to its lineup. We will provide more information on these, and future, lights as it becomes available.
PWI has a standard of excellence that is demonstrated by our drop-in LEDs, which are over-designed to be cooler to the touch, more efficient than any other light on the market, and last in excess of 100,000 hours. PWI exemplifies this philosophy in our KAR Kits, replacement LED systems for King Air interior lighting, shown here
Robi Lorik, President of PWI, says

“Our LEDs are unique in the world and are a completely in-house product, from design to production. We did an outstanding job and will have more models coming out as soon as possible.”

If you desire more information about our products, or wish to place an order, please go to, or you can contact Robi Lorik by phone at 316.942.2811 or by email at Please be sure to visit with us at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Florida on November 1st through the 4th, at booth #1089.


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