The UNIVOLT (U.S. Pat. 7,486,030) is an extremely energy efficient driver for cold cathode fluorescence lamps (CCFL). As the name implies it will accept a wide range of input voltages from 12 volts through 120 volts at frequencies from DC to kilohertz (AC current) with no configuration required to the unit. The UNIVOLT will automatically adjust to the input power source whether it is regulated or not. Over this range the CCFL will maintain a constant light output.

  • Minimum voltage 11 volts AC/DC
  • Maximum voltage 120 volts AC/DC
  • Input frequency DC to 400 Hertz
  • Capable of driving CCFL lights from 12 inches to 48 inches in length

Where can it be used and from what power source?

  • Wind generator outputs
  • Dual Voltage/Current applications such 12VDC/110AC in Recreational vehicles
  • Solar cell outputs
  • Unregulated power sources
  • Provide reliable light in an area of poor power regulation
  • Biomechanical generators



  • Dual powered emergency lighting
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Boats and Yachts
  • Solar and Wind powered lighting for commercial and residential use
  • Over the road trucks




  • Energy efficient: maximum lumens per input current
  • Installation cost savings due to the fact that it operates on multiple inputs voltages
  • Inventory cost saving due to one unit driving lights in dual voltage systems
  • Consistent Light output regardless of fluctuations on input voltages
  • 40,000 hrs life on CCFL Lights

Download information about the Univolt system (PDF)


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