PWI is a full service shop for our power supplies. To get your PWI power supply worked on, follow these steps:

1. Contact PWI Please send an email, fill out a form, or call Cynthia in our repair department with the information about your power supply

2. Send the Part to PWI.  We are located at:

PWI, Inc.

109 S Knight

Wichita, KS 67213

3. We Will Contact You PWI will notify you with what is wrong and what will need to be done to fix it 

Power Supply Repairs:

From time of sale:

LED – 3 years

Non-LED – 1 year

Repair – Warrantied 6 months

Overhaul – Warrantied 12 months

Part Number  Seller Serviced by
6900053-010 Textron Aviation PWI, Inc.
6900054-031  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-001  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-004  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-005  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-006  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900054-003  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900054-004  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900112-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900113-003  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900115-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900173-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900135-001  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.


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