PWI is a full service Part 145 Repair Station. To get your PWI power supply worked on, follow these steps:

1. Contact PWI. Please send an email, fill out our online form, or call Cynthia in our repair department with the information about your power supply.

2. Send the Part to PWI at:
    PWI, Inc.
    3407 W. Douglas
    Wichita, KS 67213

3. We will contact you. PWI will notify you with what is wrong and what will need to be done to fix the power supply. 

Power Supply Repair/LED Warranties from Invoice Date:

  • LED – 3 Years
  • Non-LED – 1 Year
  • Repair – Warrantied 6 months
  • Overhaul – Warrantied 12 months

Power Supplies 

Part Number  Seller Serviced by
6900053-010 Textron Aviation PWI, Inc. – Must be purchased through Textron, we can do repairs
6900054-031  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-001  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-004  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-005  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900053-006  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900054-003  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900054-004  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900112-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900113-003  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900115-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900173-000  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.
6900135-001  PWI, Inc. PWI, Inc.



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