Product Overviews

PWI expertise lies in lighting and coil winding, including specialized magnetometers. We also have contract manufacturing and engineering services.


Aviation Lighting

PWI has been in the Aviation Lighting business since 1972. We can make customized cold cathode fluorescent lamps to any specification and also carry a full line of LED lights from LED reading bulbs to full LED upgrade kits for your existing CCFL systems. We offer a line of hot cathode fluorescent lighting as well.


Tape-wound bobbin cores can be used in special low-frequency transformer and inductor designs, magnetometers, and current-sensing transformers. These cores are utilized in applications where core memory is important. PWI’s tape-wound cores are unique in their core memory due to their switching speed and magnetic memory characteristics that are achieved in our manufacturing processes.

Work Station

Contract Engineering Services and Manufacturing

PWI’s engineering staff has well over 100 years of combined engineering experience. We can design from concept or update and/or modernize a customer’s  current configuration. This includes circuit design, printed circuit layout, and testing. PWI’s manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer our customers a full range of services ranging from PC Board assemblies, all the way through to complete assembly.

Coil Winding / Transformers

PWI got its start manufacturing transformers, inductors, chokes, and solenoids over 50 years ago. We still specialize in custom designed transformers manufactured in small to medium quantity production runs. PWI is an excellent choice for high quality and economically priced wound magnetics.


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