Prop Sync Indicator

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Prop Sync Indicator PWI P/N 6900027-001



Product Description

Generator Transmits Three-Phase Electric Power to a Synchronous Motor, Which is part of the Indicator. The frequency of this power is proportional to the engine speed. By applying the magnetic-drag principle to the indicating element by the adaption of a frequency-sensitive system for transmitting an indication FO engine speed to the indicator with absolute accuracy, sync. Receives 3 phase input from left eng. As reference in phase and out of phase frequency as per sync. Test Procedure.

Sync Test:
Right PTR/ set at 1800 RPM, advance the left PTR.  Gradually from 1600 to 1800. When the PTR. S1 ‘Read becomes 150 RPM or LESS the Disc shall rotate clockwise. When the difference in Input is 5 RPM the disc shall rotate smoothly at a rate 5 RPM, When the two Gen. Output frequency are equal, the Disc shall rotate counter clockwise. With Left set at 1800 RPM and the right as a variable the rotations will be the opposite.

The synchrosocope disc shall conform as shown. The disc shall rotate clockwise when the right engine is fast / counter clockwise when it is slow and when input difference is 150 RPM or less. The disc shall stop when RPM’S become equal.

Disc Shall be Matt White & Dull Black as Shown.

When Lighted Shall be Integral Back Lighted Blue White.

Light Input:
Requires 5 Voltes.

Cover Glass:
Coated with Reflection Reducing
Film in Accordance with MIL C-14806 (HEA)



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