Linear Light LED Lighting (new)

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PWI’s LED Linear Light is a brilliant LED lighting solution that is specifically designed for versatility, with the potential to incorporate any LED color temperature and maintain it throughout the dimming range. It also is made of a flexible material, allowing for unlimited placement options, even emergency exit floor lighting. This flexibility means it is not limited by size or placement, allowing it to be placed in unusual locations such as toe kicks and headliners, or even around corners. By going almost anywhere, the Linear Light is an option for multiple locations’ lighting solutions and can be a retrofit for established lighting. The Linear Light is not limited by an aircraft’s dimming capabilities as it works with multiple dimming modes, such as pulse width modulation, analog, push button step, and push button hold. The light comes with custom-made connectors, allowing for versatile placement and four forms of circuit protection.  The Linear Light is built completely in-house, thus it can be made to fit each customer’s exact requirements.

PN I 7310020-000

Product Features

• White Flexible PCB Material

• Flexible Printed Circuit
P55 3M Adhesive Tape

• Dimensions
0.4” x 16′ (Maximum Length)
can be supplied 2.56” Increments

• 1000 Lumens / ft

• Dimming Modes
Pulse Width Modulation
Analog (Potentiometer or Voltage Input)
Push Button Step
Push Button Hold

• Color Temperature Constant Throughout Dimming Range

• Scalable Design

• Can potentially incorporate any LED color temperature


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