PWI B200 and 250 King Air LED upgrades renew the cabin and provide long and trouble-free service.

B200/250 King Air Window LED Upgrades


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The B200/250 window LED upgrade is a continuation of PWI’s superior LED lighting upgrades for King Airs. The King Air 90, King Air 100 and King Air 200, 300 and 350 model aircraft upgrades have already been STC approved for use, completing the LED upgrade options for all King Air models. The B200/250 upgrade quickly and easily replaces Beechcraft installed fluorescent lighting. The upgrade uses the fluorescent lighting connectors. The LED upgrade is less of a power draw on the aircraft which means owners can carry more payload, fly farther and faster as well as requiring less maintenance. LED lighting lasts longer than fluorescent and is more rugged. Overall the lights brighten and reinvigorate the interior of the B200/250, giving it a refreshed atmosphere.

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• STC – SA01748WI
• EASA  – 10051015

6900422-009 is a 9 window LED upgrade.
6900422-010 is a 10 window LED upgrade.
6900422-011 is a 11 window LED upgrade.

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King Air 90, 100, 200, 250 Literature Sheet.

Advantages of the B200/250 window LED upgrade:

  • 100,000 hours of life
  • 50% less power draw
  • 4100K lights
  • Whiter white for refreshed interior appearance
  • Uses factory connectors
  • No flicker or buzz
  • Uses existing aircraft wire harness, On/Off/Dim switch
  • Reduced EMI emissions
  • 33% weight reduction per fixture
  • 3.2 lbs weight savings
  • 50% reduction in operating current
  • 40% lower system operating temperatures

Warranty: All LED products have a 3 year warranty starting from the invoice date.
All product sales are final.

Orders require
FAA STC Data Form

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