PWI was originally founded as Precision Winding Inc, and has been manufacturing transformers, inductors, chokes and solenoids for over 45 years. We specialize in custom designed transformers manufactured in small to medium quantity production runs. PWI is an excellent choice for high quality and economically priced wound magnetics.
Coil Winding Capabilities:

High Voltage Output Transformers
Switch Mode Transformers
Current Sense Transformers
EMI/RFI Filters
Toroidal Power Inductors
Common Mode Chokes
Magnetometer Coils
Air Coils
Wire Size Capabilities: 52AWG to 9AWG
Coil Winding Equipment:
Universal Toroid Winding Machines
Geo Stevens Bobbin Winding Machines
Westchester Stator Winder
Speciality Labs Toroidal Pneumatic Winders

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