Magnetometers are used to measure the earth’s magnetic field and can be applied to a variety of technical disciplines. They are utilized in aircraft, smart phones, surveying and much more. PWI has the capability to design custom cores for a variety of applications. Whatever specifications you may have, we can achieve them.


  • Custom Designed and Manufactured Fluxgate Magnetometers
  • PWI’s Stock Design Fluxgate Magnetometers
  • Custom, Stock, or Digital Interface Electronics
  • Tape Wound and/or Metglas Designs as well as Engineering
  • 1 Axis, 2 Axis or 4 Axis Designs
  • In House Annealing and Core Winding

  • Sensitivity to 10 nanoTeslas
  • Low Temp Drift: > 100 ppm/ Cº
  • Low Noise: >10µ Gauss @ 1Hz BW
  • Numerous Tape Alloys and Core Materials Available
  • In House Machining Capabilities
  • Custom Alloy Annealed Bobbins