Magnetometers can detect Submarines

Magnetometers Measure the Earth's Magnetic Fields

Custom Magnetometers

PWI began manufacturing tape-wound bobbin cores in the 1990s, increasing production in 1999 when we purchased more equipment and expanded our product line. Tape-wound bobbin cores can be used in special low frequency transformer and inductor designs, magnetometers, and current-sensing transformers. PWI also has the capablity to design custom cores for specific applications.

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured Fluxgate Magnetometers.
  • PWI’s Standard design Fluxgate Magnetometers
  • Custom or Stock, Analogue or Digital Interface Electronics
  • Tape Wound or Metglas Designs
  • 1 Axis or 3 Axis Designs for Directional Purposes
  • In House Annelling and Core Winding Capabilities
  • Sensitivity to 10 nanoTeslas
  • Low Temp Drift: ± 100 ppm/ C°
  • Low Noise:  <10μ Gauss @ 1Hz BW
  • Several Tape Alloys to choose from as well as core materials
    • In House Machining Capabilities
    • Custom Alloy, Temp Treated Bobbins

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