PWI’s KAR KIT(King Air Retrofit Kit) is an LED retrofit system- a cabin lighting replacement package uniquely designed to make replacing your customer’s CCFL’s easy and with minimal headache or expense.

When your customer has their King Air in your shop for maintenance, it only takes a little extra time to upgrade their system with PWI’s KAR Kit. All of the benefits will save your customer money, and you’ll add profit from the sale of the new LED’s. It’s a win for both you and your customer. Created in our color rendering lab to best serve our customers’ needs, we offer both a warm white or cool white LED KAR Kit system for any King Air series.


  • Use Less Energy
  • Produce Less Heat
  • Last Longer
  • Provide Significant Weight Reduction

KAR Kits for both the 300 series and 200/100/90 series are available so you don’t have to worry if your plane can be upgraded- it can. The Kits are structured to provide the proper number of lights to match the model of King Air to be retrofitted, taking out all the guesswork. Each Kit comes with the necessary components for powering and installing the lights. With the PWI hassle-free “Plug ‘n Play” design, the installation will be clean and simple.

The typical KAR Kit reduces overall weight of the lighting system by more than 50%. This new LED technology can provide up to 35% reduction in operating current, lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), and lower operating temperature range.
With LEDs, the operating life will be greatly extended beyond what can be expected with fluorescent or incandescent lights.

Our KAR Kits have STC and PMA approvals, and are ready for immediate installation! For Brazilian King Air 300 owners, the Kar300 Kit is ANAC approved as well.

Each KAR Kit comes with three-year warranty.


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