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Cessna Aircraft Company, the world’s largest producer of general aviation aircraft, has had a long standing relationship with Wichita-based PWI, Inc.

Sigma Tek

PWI has always been friendly, cooperative, and knowledegable in their sales and customer service departments.

Winona Van Norman

PWI worked with us to trouble shoot our boards by finding missing traces until they functioned just like our original product.

Our King Air has frequent early morning departures, and we rely heavily on our overhead lighting systems. After frequent and costly repairs we upgraded to the PWI Aircraft Lighting LED overhead lighting system and had SouthCo Aviation perform the installation. Downtime for the installation was very minimal, and we have had great success with the LED system ever since the installation. We wish we would have upgraded sooner!

Bill Sherman

King Air B300

“PWI’s lights are excellent quality and they are always ready and willing to answer any questions I’ve had. They have very friendly customer service and were quick to get my order placed. I was immensely satisfied with the products we’ve gotten from them!”

Gavin Gravois



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