About Us

Founded in 1963

April 1, 1963

PWI, Inc., formerly known as Precision Winding, Inc., was founded in 1963 by Miklos (Miki) Lorik. Miki was a Hungarian immigrant who fled Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 along with his wife-then girlfriend-and her family to build a better life. Miki modified his wife’s sewing machine to begin his coil winding business,…

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1972 – PWI Pioneered Complete Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting Systems for Aircraft

August 5, 1972

PWI began to expand into the electronic manufacturing business and, in 1972, PWI pioneered Complete Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting Systems for aircraft. The custom-made lamps were manufactured in-house to meet the customers’ exact needs. While still maintaining the lamp manufacturing and coil winding business, PWI purchased the complete Tape Wound Bobbin Core product…

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2000 – Precision Winding, Inc. to PWI

March 8, 2000

In 2000, PWI changed its name from Precision Winding, Inc. to PWI, Inc. in an endeavor to better represent the company. Though it had started as a winding house, PWI had grown into numerous and diverse markets-such as agricultural, aircraft, automotive, medical, military, motorcycle, just to name a few. PWI…

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2008 – PWI Added Aviation LED Lighting Systems to our Product Line

June 25, 2008

In 2008, PWI added aviation LED Lighting Systems to its product line and PWI strives to maintain state-of-the-art technology on this ever-evolving product line. PWI has even developed its own in-house Color Rendering Lab in order to achieve the truest color temperature for various settings. We continue to maintain the…

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2016 – PWI Earns AS9100 Certification

September 11, 2016

In 2016, AS9100 commitment to top quality manufacturing.

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2019 – Robi Becomes PWI CEO

May 1, 2019

Robi Lorik was announced as the CEO for PWI on February 18, 2019. As a new year started, a new vision for the company started as well. Under new direction, PWI looks forward to further growth and product development. PWI will continue to push forward to certify new aviation lighting…

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