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Prop Sync Indicator PWI P/N 6900027-001

Prop Sync Indicators are used by pilots in aircraft cockpits as visual displays of propeller synchronization. Propeller synchronization is a mechanism that automatically synchronizes all propellers of a multi-engine, propeller-driven aircraft so they all are rotating at the same speed.




Generator Transmits Three-Phase Electric Power to a Synchronous Motor, which is part of the Indicator. The frequency of this power is proportional to the engine speed by applying the magnetic-drag principle to the indicating element by the adaption of a frequency-sensitive system for transmitting an indication of engine speed to the indicator with absolute accuracy.

The Synchroscope disc shall conform as displayed. The disc shall rotate clockwise when the right engine is fast and counter clockwise when it is slow or when the input difference is 150 RPM or less. The disc will stop when the RPM’s become equal.

Cover Glass:
Coated with Reflection Reducing Film in accordance with MIL C-14806 (HEA).


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