W. Winona Van Norman®
April 24, 2009
P.W.I. Inc.
Wichita, KS
To Whom it May Concern:
A few months ago we came to PWI with our hands tied, and almost no solution in sight. We came
to them with some raw PCB boards and some ancient drawings, and from that they produced
working, assembled boards!!! We were so grateful. We had several customers who were in
desperate need of these boards and our previous vendor had left us empty handed.
PWI worked with us to trouble shoot our boards by finding missing traces until the functioned just like our original product. They also worked diligently to find second source parts for some of our obsolete components. PWI went above and beyond the call of duty with both their engineers and their sales team.
Since the initial order, they have created new Gerber files and assembly schematics to insure that we can still supply our customers with this custom, hard to find printed circuit boards.
They have also helped us out with minor pc board repair jobs and are always eager to help out.
Thank you very much PWI,
Parts Department
Winona Van Norman.
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