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King Air Retrofit 90, 100, 200 Series


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A light kit to upgrade your 200/100/90 series King Air system to LED.
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Product Description

PWI’s Complete LED Retrofit Kit for the King Air 90s, 100s, and 200s are the product of innovation and technology, combined to reduce weight and current draw and to increase the life span and reliability of the lighting system. The LED retrofit system is equivalent in “fit, form,and function” to the current fluorescent system and maintains all the desirable characteristics of fluorescents while bringing the advantages and benefits that come with LEDs.

• STC – SA01748WI
• PMA Approved#PQ4159CE
• EASA STC 10051015

Advantages of the Advantages of the LED Retrofit System:
• Direct Fit, Form, and Function Replacement for Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
• Uses Existing Aircraft Wire Harness and Dimming On/Off Switches
• Reduced EMI Emissions
• 46% Weight Reduction Per Fixture
• 30% Reduction in Operating Current
• 40% Lower System   Operating Temperatures
• No High Voltage

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Number of LED's

11, 10, 9, 8, 7

Kit Number

6910080-011, 6910080-010, 6910080-009, 6910080-008, 6910080-007