1495 LED Replacement Reading Light | PN 7310006-000


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Replace those inefficient 1495 reading bulbs with a PWI LED Light. They last far longer, use less energy, and don’t put off the heat that an incandescent bulb would.
Warranty: 1 Year Discretionary
1495 Diagram

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Product Description

Upgrade your inefficient incandescent 1495 bulbs with an LED replacement. LEDs have a longer life span than the incandescent bulbs, use less energy, and do not produce any noticeable heat, thus saving you money on your environmental controls costs.

LED lighting has many advantages, especially when used in a reading environment. Overhead LED reading lights can be directed to a specific location, achieving a more efficiently lit area than the conventional lighting.

• Low Operating Temperature

• Extremely Long Life

• Low Junction Temperature Design

• Uses 25% to 33% of the Power Draw Compared to Incandescent and Halogen bulbs

• Warranty Against Shock and Vibrations Failure

• White Light Color temperature More Compatible with the Human Eye

Replaces GE 1495, 1495X, 998502-1, 998502-2, 998502-6, 998502-7, 998502-12, 998502-13, 998502-15,

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